„Die größte Herausforderung war es, meine Frau von dieser extra Ausgabe zu überzeugen. Als ich sie aber eines Nachmittages auf das Deck eingeladen habe, und dann, in der Mitte des Sees aus dem Kühlfach eine kalte Flasche Weißwein und Gläser herausgeholt habe – da wurde ihr Herz weich. Wenn wir zu Zweit mit dem Solemaran auslaufen, ist das nur unsere Zeit – die Familie bleibt am Ufer, und wir können alleine sein. Wir können uns unser Lieblingshaus am See ohne Solemaran nicht vorstellen!“

Aleksander, Olsztyn

Facebook Finalist of the competition Dobry Wzór (Good Design) in Warsaw 2017

Finalist of the competition Dobry Wzór (Good Design) in Warsaw 2017


Länge: 325 cm
Breite: 225 cm
Höhe: 65 cm
Ladekapazität: 250 kg
Gewicht: ab 130 kg
Antrieb: Elektromotor
Zusatzinformationen: faltbare Einheit

Länge: 340 cm
Breite: 210 cm
Höhe: 60 cm
Ladekapazität: 440 kg
Gewicht: ab 150 kg
Antrieb: Elektromotor


About us

Solemarans are products created by a Warsaw design studio. The first of the family – Siesta Solemaran- was initially an interesting experiment for personal use. Soon, however, due to big ineterest it caused, it had become a product for sale. It is not a pedalo– it is a completely new and innovative type of a floating unit – call it a water sunlounger, a private island or a water bed. It is unique for its innovative design and high quality workmanship. Designed for two, Siesta Solemaran was introduced to the market in 2013, while 2017 saw Coco, with room enough for 5 people! All our tailor-made units are produced by the best manufacturers in the Mazurian District and therefore we were granted the honour to use the logo of „Product of Warmia & Mazury” by the Marshall of Warmia and Mazury voivodship. We created Siesta and Coco from the very scratch and take care of our products through the whole process which consists of the ‘conceptual design, cooperation with the authors of the final design, through production, promotion, sale and, finally, after sales service.

Working on both our products is very demanding but at the same time it is a lot of fun. Contact with people – our clients, cooperators and friends involved in the process gives us a lot of satisfaction and positive energy as well as motivation for further work. We are proud to say that Solemarans have been awarded several prizes, as THE BEST PRODUCT at the Wind and Water Fair, Warsaw, 2014, a MUST HAVE for the design at Łódź Design Festival, 2015 . Both Solemarans have been shortlisted for the Warsaw Institute of Industrial Design competition Good Design (Dobry Wzór). Cooperation with the best producers and satisfaction of the customers allow us to be present on the Polish market for over five years now. The Solemaran brand is continually expanding, more and more recognized and appreciated as we are constantly trying to develop our products and ouselves. We are open to cooperation and would like to introduce you to the world of pleasure, relaxation, good laugh, sun and fun on water.

„Man muss das Leben wirklich lieben, um so etwas zu erfinden!“

Anna Soisalon-Soininen – Regisseur und Journalist