We spoke with Piotr Jaczewski about the holy lake in Warmia and about Tomaszkowo village

Former Prussians, residing in today’s Varmia and Masuria, had their places of worship,
including Naterskie lake. Did you know, that you built your house and the apartments at their
holy lake, Świętajno Naterskie?
I knew, obviously, that the vicinity of Tomaszkowo and Naterki were former Prussian land, but I did not know Naterskie lake was the place of worship. You learn all your life 🙂

It is here, at the lake – among others – where Kupala Night, the shortest night of the year,
was celebrated. 
How do you like spending this night, called also Sobótka or Palinotka in Polish,
on Solemaran, in reference to old rites? 🙂
I think it would be an interesting experience, obviously in the appropriate company…

The Prussians worshipped Nature, it was a temple for them. They honoured its creations,
forces and gifts. At present, the wildlife near Tomaszkowo is also appreciated and loved,
but in a different sense. Apartments here were a real deal, weren’t they?
Just like the former inhabitants of this region, I also believe that nature is something miraculous
and unyielding to any limitation attempts. You can see it best in Varmia and Masuria.

Where did your decision to erect the buildings there come from?
When I was brought here by one of my architects for the first time, I could not resist the impression
that this beautiful place was a true refuge. This is what I was looking for. I knew right away my customers
are bound to value this sanctuary of peace and quiet. I was right.

Tomaszkowo is your first project at the lake. Are you planning subsequent ones?
Yes, it is the first and I cannot say it is the last…

Some local titbits – in Tomaszkowo, the first whisky in Poland is produced,
from Polish ingredients. It is called The Langlander Single Malt. Have you already tried it?
And I have learned something new again. I am eager to visit the place where this alcohol is to be created.
The ability to make really good whisky is an elite skill, held only by few. I am curious to see that process
in our local, Polish conditions.

How have you spent your time here, in Varmia?
Although I have been focused on my project here for some time, Varmia and Masuria have always been
associated with rest and reset for me. I cannot imagine a balanced life in today’s world without them. Living
in constant haste requires some slowing down, and the vicinity of Tomaszkowo promotes meditation
and switch to another thinking mode.

What do you like Solemaran Coco for? Would you recommend it to others?
Solemaran is a tool helping to cut away from the world, facilitating contemplation and observation
of natural phenomena. I can recommend it to anyone, who is tired of continuous haste.

What words do you associate Solemaran with? Why have you called your boat Ultramarine?
Solemaran brings about connotations with sun and sea, obviously, in semantic terms. In Spanish, SOL is a sun
and MAR is the sea. For most people, it will be associated with a catamaran. And Ultramarine is a gift for my
unique wife, who loves the sun. Seeing her wonderful suntan, one of our friends once called her Ultramarine.

How did your wife react to the gift?
Initially, she could not believe it, but later she was really happy.

Thanks a lot for your time, all the best!


The interview with Piotr Jaczewski, a developer, owner of AMA-BUD, member of the Polish Association
of Developers, a sports lover, passionate about sailing, was carried out by Joanna Krawczyk.