An interview with Urszula Orpik, the menager of Siedlisko Morena

Mrs Urszula, we have known each other for 5 years, since the very beginning of our company when we delivered our first Siesta vessel to your hotel. In 2018 you bought your own vessels – have you watched how the company and Solemarans have been developing since that time?
No, I haven’t. I’ve just been busy with everyday life of Siedlisko. There is a season for everything, that’s why we bought our first Coco Solemarans in 2018, while in 2019 we ordered another batch.

How do Coco Solemarans (our second model of Solemarans) fit in the atmosphere of Morena?
They do fit perfectly. Since the time we received them they have been extremely popular on the lake, customers have to book a ride by putting their names on the list. That’s why we have decided to buy another one.

Is there any opinion on the vessels that you find particularly worth mentioning?
Yes 🙂 – an opinion of guests from Germany saying that they can finally laze about on the lake enjoying the views, instead of rowing in the heat. There is a quiet zone on the lake, we don’t use engines. Both we and, as you see, our guests do enjoy the silence.

Some friends of mine, and friends of my friends define Siedlisko (this is the opinion that is repeated) as a luxurious place, however not snobbish, which allows them to feel natural here. How have you achieved this?
Thanks to teamwork! Such a hotel, as ours, in general, is a place for our guests to have a rest. That’s why we make every effort to provide good conditions for resting :), and the surrounding nature helps us a lot. We are located in a cape surrounded by water, there are almost 10 acres (4 hectares) of land with hammocks, deckchairs, we have an orchard, a small garden, a beach, lake access and a smile on the face. I often say to my team that they should provide the guests with such a service they would expect themselves on their holidays. We just enjoy making our quests’ stay pleasant.

Hotel managers change frequently, but you have been in Siedlisko since the very beginning, that is for almost 20 years. This is your second home. What is so fascinating about Siedlisko in your opinion? What do you like most about your job?
I am a “long-distance runner”. You cannot build anything good in one or two years. Building a company is a long-term process that takes many years. My story with Morena began on its construction site and continues to this day. The moment when the hotel was ready for guests ended the very development process, but it began a wonderful adventure. Morena has changed a lot over the 20 years, an extension, a new outdoor swimming pool, additional services, and, first of all, keeping it in a good condition over all those years. There are investments, but the most important thing is to build relations with people. Our Morena team is like a big family including many employees who began their work when we started our business. We have also a lot of customers who have been visiting us for almost 20 years, we watched how their children were born and how they were growing up. These are the emotions that a frequently changed job will not deliver – you need a good atmosphere for this to make the team want. Each of us spends lots of time at work, so it’s nice to have a second home there. What do I like about my job most? My job itself, because actually this is not a job.

Mazury Garbate (Humped Masuria) – is an exceptional part of Masuria, full of hills, larger and smaller lakes. A very picturesque area at every season. Would you – as a happy Masurian local – recommend some less known place? Such that you cannot find from the main road and where you can ride by bicycle e.g. from Morena to get the experience of discovering something brand new?
Each of us perceives the world in a different way, each of us is impressed by different things. I am still in love with Masuria every season, even in November when it rains, though the sky is constantly grey, an evening by a fireplace with a book makes the grey colours disappear. I’ve got such a place, practically near a tarmac road, but it is easy to miss when travelling by car. I stopped and enjoyed the sights – near the road between Woszczele and Zelki – a signpost to the left to Małkinia, a beautiful view to Sawinda lake to the left. I truly recommend.

What do guests value in Siedlisko? Is it the modernity in a traditional frame, fresh air, space, perfect conditions? A visible fantasy of the owners, nice service, the Labrador called Boski (Divine)?
In the first place, our guests value the quiet surroundings. They say they do not know any better place to sleep in. They also value that the hotel, in spite of no vacancies in the summer, does not seem to be crowded. Our new dog called Boski (Divine) steals hearts both of our little and adult guests. It’s hard not to like him. I think that they like Siedlisko for its atmosphere that allows them to spend a whole week with no make-up and high-heeled shoes on.

The restaurant of Siedlisko – it’s hard to leave it – this is not only for its cuisine, but also for its charming view from huge windows to three sides of the world, including the lake. Have you ever tried to transfer the pleasure of eating with a lake view – to the very lake?
When we received the Solemarans, we prepared baskets with food with a card attached saying: TAKE ME TO YOUR CATAMARAN. The sets allowed guests to choose: a breakfast, light lunch or romantic supper. Only the guest’s fantasy it is the limit.

Is Morena children-friendly? Do children find their world in Morena?There are a lot of children in Morena! A playground, activities for children, menu for children, chocolate tree for children, games, colouring books and lots of other attractions. We have children that used to visit us with their parents and now they come with friends, our new guest generation is still growing.

Is there anything you would like to ask me about?
Any new ideas?

We have a few ideas to develop Solemarans – they are partly under preparation, for example, a solar roof. We are wondering how to make our vessels as eco-friendly as possible and less harmful to the environment during their production process. We are constantly trying to develop the idea of Solemaran restand to introduce a new quality of spending time on the water

Thank you, Mrs. Ula.

Interview with Urszula Orpik: the manager of the Siedlisko Morena hotel, one of the best in Masuria region, Poland;
a woman satisfied with her life, successful and sincerely smiling. Living her happy life in Ełk for a few years. A Masurian woman
of origin and choice – by Joanna Krawczyk.

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